Public Safety Training Institute (PSTI) provides educational services and affordable training venues to public safety personnel in order to share professional standards, trends, best practices and efficient operational procedures.

PSTI recognizes that we live and work in an era where public safety budgets have been stripped and the limited resources that are available are spent on repetitive state mandated training requirements. At the same time, public safety personnel are being forced to seek contemporary training and professional growth opportunities on their own and out of pocket.

PSTI is committed to providing affordable, contemporary training to public safety personnel. Our primary focus is on the front line First Responders and tactical units called upon to contain and resolve critical incidents and other threats within our communities. Read more.

“For as large as the debrief was it was a good venue. Location and parking were excellent… The info was very good and gave me a lot to think about. Debriefs like this one are probably one of the best things we can do for ourselves to educate us on officer safety and tactical awareness.”

Captain — Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

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