Church Threats Violence and Active Shooter Response Protocols

This course is designed for faith based organizations, their administration, staff, faculty, volunteers and members, with responsibilities for Emergency Preparedness and Response to address threats, violence and active shooter incidents that can occur on church properties and campuses. It is a fact that pre-planned actions taken by staff and members during a critical incident will save more lives than emergency first responders. Statistically, once a shooting starts a life is taken every 15 seconds. It is imperative that staff and members act quickly to implement a response to violence that can safegaurd themselves and their congregation.

During this course, attendees receive presentations on the history and dynamics of active shooter incidents and faith based violence in the United States; Lessons Learned from prior incidents; Awareness - Preparation & Response strategies for church staff and members; Behaviors of Concern, Reporting Strategies & Threat Assessment Best Practices; defensive space mindset and the law enforcement response.