Civilian LE Symposium

PSTI is a non profit 501(c)(3) public safety training organization and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Training Vendor

Civilian Law Enforcement Symposium (CLES)

There are many civilians working within law enforcement. These valuable employees work in records, investigations and field operations, doing many of the same job tasks and responsibilities as peace officers. While sworn staff continuously attend training mandated by law, civilian staff have limited training opportunities.

The symposium's mission is to provide Leadership for the continued advancement of civilian law enforcement training and education. Attendees are assigned to field operations, investigations and administrative roles. The symposium is designed to provide contemporary training opportunities that enhace job skills, knowledge and expertise.

Civilian Officers/Staff

Target Audience: Civilian Field Officers (CSO’s, PSA’s, etc.), Crime Scene & Evidence Technicians, Parking Enforcement/Abatement Officers, Animal Control Officers, Civilian Investigators, Property and Evidence Clerk/Technicians, Crime Prevention, etc.

Example Training Topics

  1. Situational Awareness: Officer Safety for Civilian Officers
  2. Community Policing: Keeping in touch with your Community
  3. Active Shooter Response: Role of Civilian Officers
  4. Crime Scene Investigation Module
  5. Report Writing: Proper Documentation / Reducing Liability
  6. Communications: Social Media Networking
  7. Ethics & Leadership
  8. Parking Enforcement & Abatement
  9. Courtroom Testimony - Eliminating the Mystery!

Guest Presenters


Law Enforcement organizations interested in hosting the CLES training venue are asked to email: