Legal Issues


     SWAT / Tactical Liability     (AM SESSION)

     Technology: Legal Liability for Law Enforcement     (PM SESSION)

Michael L. Rains - Principal (Rains Lucia Stern St. Phalle & Silver, PC)

Morning Session: Nationally recognized law enforcement legal expert Michael Rains will provide an overview of the present state of agency and individual liability related to law enforcement tactical operations. The presentation focuses on civil liability, agency liability, training and failure to train issues, supervisory issues, team tactics, special circumstances (Hostage-Duty to Protect; Emotionally and Mentally Disturbed persons; suicide by cop; high risk warrant service, etc...). Contemporary tactical team issues including body worn cameras, video, recording and related evidence also discussed. 

Afternoon Session: “Technology Races Forward While the Law Struggles to Catch up.” The result: Cops caught in the crosshairs of uncertainty, potential culpability and legal liability. The discussion will include the dangers of social networking and the current state of the law.

Today's law enforcement personnel, supervisors and managers must be as thoroughly trained in risk management principles as they are response tactics and firearm proficiency, in order to protect themselves and indemnify their organizations from liability.