Safety Response Team Development

A church safety response team exists to ensure the safe and secure operations of the church and to oversee the safety of its members, guests and property. The team is responsible to assist the church by providing security services, facility and program assessments and safety inspections, security oversight for church services, programs and events, security oversight for the Pastoral staff and/or special guests, monitoring the collection and safe retention of monies, crowd management, assisting with on-site emergencies, and assisting local agencies and first responders in bringing a safe and orderly resolution to critical incidents that can occur on church property.

This 4-hour course details the components and philosophy of a church safety team program including: Team composition, selection, expectations/behavior and discipline, communication, training, operations and crisis response policies. Attendees will receive a Safety Response Team Manual (sample policy) that acts as a guide in the development of a comprehensive Safety Team program.