School Violence & Active Shooter Response Protocols

PSTI is a DHS (Department Homeland Security) Training Vendor


This 4 hour course is designed for school administrators, faculty and staff, with responsibilities for Emergency Preparedness and Response, to address the threat of an active shooter and other violence that can occur school and college campuses. We highly encourage attending with local law enforcement stakeholders.

It is a fact that the actions of school faculty during a significant act of violence will save more lives than emergency first responders. Statistically, once a shooting starts a life is taken every 15 seconds. It is imperative that school faculty act quickly when implementing a pre-planned response to school violence.

During this course, attendees receive informative presentations on the history and dynamics of school shootings and Lessons Learned; Awareness, Preparation & Response strategies for educators and staff; behaviors of concern & reporting strategies; the Threat Assessment process and Threat Assessment Teams; Defensive Classroom mindset and the law enforcement response.




Host Organizations:

This course can be hosted by any city, county or private school organization. 

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