Unified Response to School/Community Violence

PSTI is a DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Training Vendor

POST Certified Plan IV


This course meets CA AB 1598 Legal Mandates requiring local California Law Enforcement & Fire to collaborate on policy, training, response and emergency treatment & extraction protocols for Active Shooter (AS) and Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI).

This 2-day (16 hours) course is designed for Law Enforcement, Fire and Public Safety Dispatch personnel and provides specific knowledge, information and guidelines to increase survivability of victims during an Active Shooter (AS) or Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). Topics include emergency planning and training for AS and MCI, Unified Command and ICS (Incident Command System), Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) intervention tactics and a framework for law enforcement and fire to integrate responses during these incidents using the Rescue Task Force (RTF) concept.

Day 2 is a full day of AS/MCI and RTF practical exercises to teach and evaluate attendees.

Information or Assistance: Mike@PSTI-Site.org

Effective September 10, 2019 - Private Classes Only

This course can be hosted PRIVATELY by any law enforcement organization - Training Quote Upon Request.

In CA, this sixteen (16) hour class is POST Certified - Plan IV. 

General Course Information