Our Instructors

Sgt. Al Miller

Instructor Sgt. Al Miller (Ret.)

Sgt. Al Miller (Ret.) has worked in law enforcement for over twenty seven years and served four different departments (Sacramento County Sheriff, Dixon PD, Vacaville PD and Sacramento PD). He worked at Sacramento PD for twenty two years with eleven of those on the SWAT team. Seven of those years were as a Sergeant and SWAT Team leader. Al has over 3000 hours of training and has been involved in over 800 critical incidents. He retired from Sacramento PD in 2010.

In retirement, Al continues to teach law enforcement tactical courses and he enjoys coaching freshman football at a local high school in Sacramento.

Lt. Orrlando Mayes

Instructor Lt. Orrlando Mayes

Lt. Orrlando Mayes is a 26 year veteran with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, and currently serves as the Watch Commander for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, and Rancho Cordova Police Department. Previously as a Sergeant he was the Academy Director for the Sacramento Sheriff's Academy. Prior to promoting to Sergeant, Orrlando spent over 14 years on the SWAT team as the Assistant Team Leader. As a sergeant, he remained active as an auxiliary SWAT team member.

Orrlando is the lead Arrest Control / Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Sheriff's Basic Recruit Academy and the department's in-service training program. He instructs Basic SWAT, Use of Force, High Risk Calls, Riot Control, Cell Extractions, Active Counter Measures, Reality Based Training (utilizing Simunitions) and other tactical courses.

Orrlando has served on a panel of subject matter experts reviewing SWAT Training and Standardization for California POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) and testifies in Federal Court and depositions as a Use of Force expert for the Sheriff's department and other law enforcement agencies. Orrlando holds a BS and MS degree, and also serves as an Adjunct Professor for Administration of Justice courses for Folsom Lake College.

Lt. Mike Peretti

Instructor Lt. Mike Peretti (Ret.)

Lt. Mike Peretti (Ret.) is a 32-year law enforcement veteran, having spent his last 28 years with the Livermore Police Department. Mike's line and management experience includes assignments in patrol, investigations, traffic, and support services. Mike also was attached to the tactical operations unit for 20 years, 13 as an operator, sniper, and team leader, and 7 years as SWAT and Tactical Commander. Mike holds AA, BS, and MPA degrees and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is a tenured University, College, and Basic Police Academy Training instructor with over 27 years' experience.

Mike Rayfield

Instructor Mike Rayfield (Ret. FBI)

Mike is a recently retired 25 year veteran Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. From 2006 until March of 2013 Mike worked with, and supervised the Violent Crime Squad in Sacramento California, which included the following multi-agency task forces: Safe Streets Violent Crime Task Force, Safe Streets Gang Task Force and Child Exploitation Task Force. During this same period Mike supervised the SWAT team. From 1999 until his retirement, Mike taught numerous POST certified basic SWAT schools. Prior to 2006 Mike was the SWAT ATL, and on the investigative side focused on violent crime investigations specializing in tracking and apprehending violent fugitive felons as a member of the Sacramento Police Department’s Career Criminal Apprehension Team (CCAT). Mike began his FBI career with the San Antonio, Texas Division of the FBI where he investigated drug trafficking organizations, was assigned to a DEA task force and a member of the FBI SWAT team. He followed this with six years as an operator/assaulter and eventually an assistant team leader with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) Based in Quantico, Virginia. Along with 25 years of tactical experience, Mike is also a certified hostage negotiator. His FBI career and breadth of experience has afforded him the opportunity to operate, train and instruct in many foreign countries to include Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Malta, Georgia, Hungary and Israel to name a few. Mike now works as a Private Investigator, Contract Security Consultant and Law Enforcement Instructor for various agencies.

Lt. John Hurd

Lt. John Hurd has been a police officer with the Livermore Police Department for 23 years. During this time he supervised the Traffic Unit for 10 years and implemented numerous motorcycle safety programs. In 2010 and 2011 the National Law Enforcement Challenge determined that the Livermore Police Department had the best motorcycle safety program in the United States. John has been an active motorcyclist his entire life. He is a member of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan — Challenge Area 12 — Motorcycle Safety Committee working to improve motorcycle safety in California. John teaches the Motorcycle Safety & Enforcement course.

Sgt. Kevin Griffin

Instructor Sgt. Kevin Griffin

Sgt. Kevin Griffin has worked for the Sacramento Police Department for 27 years. Kevin spent 14 years on the SWAT team; 11 years as an assistant team leader. He was involved in the service of over 1000 search warrants and responded to over 200 SWAT call outs. Kevin developed a SWAT training manual to standardize tactics on the team. He also developed a training matrix to ensure the core SWAT tactics are being trained on regularly. Sgt. Griffin is the department instructor in less lethal training and coordinated the transition from lethal shotguns to less lethal; he developed a plan and general order to provide patrol with access to armored vehicles during critical incidents. Kevin is a "Crimes in Progress" instructor at the Sacramento Police Academy; he is a SWAT Instructor at the FBI Basic SWAT School in Sacramento and he is currently working as a patrol supervisor in North Sacramento.

Lt. Joe Leonardo

Instructor Lt. Joe Leonardo

Lt. Joe Leonardo served as a Field Training Officer, Narcotics Officer, police sergeant and traffic sergeant before promoting to lieutenant. Joe spent over 20 years on the SWAT Team as an operator, sniper, sniper team leader, assistant team leader and his last 5 years as the SWAT Team Leader. Joe also created and managed the police department's Force Options Team which is in charge of department training involving firearms, defensive tactics and force on force; he also implemented the department's active shooter training program.

Joe retired from law enforcement in September 2018 after serving the Pleasanton Police Department for 29 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Union Institute & University in Criminal Justice Management. Joe currently serves as an instructor and range master at a Basic Police Academy and he is an NRA certified pistol and home defense instructor and teaches firearms training within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mike Elerick, Founder and Executive Director

Lt. Mike Elerick (ret.)

Mike Elerick is the founding incorporator for Public Safety Training Institute (PSTI) and serves as the corporation's Executive Director. He has over 27 years of law enforcement experience and recently retired as a police lieutenant and SWAT Commander within the SF Bay Area law enforcement community. Mike has extensive experience training public safety personnel and serving public safety in a variety of roles within several law enforcement professional associations including:

Mike has an AA degree in Public Administration and a BA degree in Business Management from St. Mary's College.